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About Us

WorthShare.co is an online platform and social media website. Users upload and share different content from external social media websites. This website is just for fun and we aim to do that. If you see something that is worth to share and for others worth to see then the worthshare.co is the place to be. 

I grew up searching and creating short movies and clips that no one ever saw or played, so it was really exciting when worthshare.co was born. So...I thought, will be nice to share this effort with the world. Trust me when I say is worth to share I mean is worth to share. 

I believe, for users,  will be beneficial to comment and “judge” videos and for that reason you can post, share, discuss and more and WTF just do it and have fun. 

Try to be respectful but if you don't feel like it, then be yourself as my personal mission is to create a community with real people and not “boring people type”. 

So Go and Have some fun. 

Oh and Remeber What we Want...



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